J'dore Les Fleur!

J’dore Les Fleur!

An introduction to making pretty

“Blog!Blog!Blog! You need to share your work, you need to blog”

Ok I am hearing it.  I get the message but In my head my sassy self-echoes “bla,bla,bla--- I need to blog!” Then I giggle to myself, oh my, I am to be blogging about my floral business, I need to be serious and professional. How can I possibly blog about anything without disclosing my usual sassy side? Probably… not possible.

What is a blog if not a diary of sorts? A way to express the true you as well as one’s passion. What is my passion? Finding, sharing and creating beauty in this life, with a lot of joy and laughter in the mix! Beauty feeds my spirit, connecting me to the good of all things. When I focus on it, I find joy. Beauty in the heart, the mind, the eye, the soul. And when I am at my best I am creating it. When I am at my best I am engrossed in the process of designing something special out of florals and organic materials. When I am at my best I am sharing it. I love to learn, to teach, to grow. And in my life, to be my best, I must make pretty!


 Creativity is a journey. A course in life. After 22years in the floral industry, it is always evolving and changing, offering new exciting options. Documenting my floral adventures with a blog certainly is a new creative challenge. If you choose to follow along with me in this adventure I am sure it will take many turns. It will evolve along the way. I will be honest and real. I will make discoveries and share some revelations. I will likely stumble about and may have fits and starts. It is my hope to persevere, finding my way. I hope to find my voice, share my passion and yes, I will likely show my sassy!

What I am certain of is that beauty can be found everywhere. It is a life gift I seek. It is a gift I plan to share. And in living joyfully, I must make pretty.

J’dore Les Fleur!